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Air Source Heating Services Southampton, Hampshire

Underfloor Heating Southampton

Underfloor heating is the best way to heat and insulates your home, as it utilises flexible tubing embedded within the floor. It is a method that is incredibly affordable and advantageous, even over the use of radiators. 

There are numerous types of heating systems for underflooring that you can find across the UK, Southampton Oil Services can provide you with the best range of factors, including your exact heating system, project type and energy sources. 

Underfloor heating is a method that turns your entire floor area into an invisible yet highly efficient heat emitter with a clean heat grant. 

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Local Air Source Heating Services

Southampton Oil Services highly recommend you opt for an annual service of all air-source or ground-source heat pumps running throughout your building or household. All heat pumps and aspects involved should run efficiently and effectively as they require very little maintenance bar their annual health check. 

A well-maintained air-source system can run for an impressive 20-30 years, so give us a call for a service. 

Air Source Heating Installation

At Southampton Oil Services, we make it our mission to provide customers with air-source heat pump installation of the highest standard. 

Our professional engineers and heat pump installers are skilled and knowledgeable of various brands, models and components to incorporate the best air source system into your home or property.

Air Source Heating Servicing

Servicing any form of central heating system throughout your household or commercial property is paramount to ensure it is in good condition for the times you require it most, for example, the cold winter months. 

Our experts at Southampton Oil Services can provide in-depth inspections and service for your air source heat pumps.

Air Source Heating Upgrades

We can also do the utmost to ensure you have the best system for your environment by providing you with air source heating and boiler upgrade services. 

With a more energy-efficient model, your home can produce heat energy faster and retain it better to reduce the costs of your energy bills.

Underfloor Heating Installation

Households throughout the UK must invest in underfloor heating as a solution to draughts and a lack of retained central heating. 

At Southampton Oil Services, we have excellent professionals onboard that can offer installations of the best quality underfloor insulation products.

Underfloor Heating Servicing

Heating engineers should assess all insulation and underfloor heating products in local and surrounding area households and buildings every so often to determine their efficiency. 

Our business has the skills and talent to give your underfloor solutions a thorough service every 6-12 months.

Underfloor Heating Upgrades

We have access to the best materials, equipment and products to supply our local and surrounding area customers with underfloor heating upgrades that will improve your environment, ensuring energy efficiency and heating bill reductions. 

Our professionals will do all we can to complete upgrades suitable for you.


Do You Need Underfloor Heating?

As long as it is installed properly, incorporating underfloor heating will save you plenty of money on running costs of your systems heating bills, as it is a form of insulation helping to retain heating in your home for extended periods. 

Underfloor heating is useful for providing customers alike with plenty of wall and floor space allowing for further freedom for interior design. 

You'll find that most UFH systems available are hidden under the floor, therefore, invisible, making them perfect for open-plan living arrangements. 

Air Source Heat Pumps Southampton

Look no further than us in Southampton and central and rural Hampshire when searching for the best quality air-source heat pumps. Southampton Oil Services can provide local customers with a thorough explanation of heat pumps and offer advice on the ones most suitable for your household or property.


We offer complete installations of the highest quality air-source heat pumps and underfloor heating, all tailored to your property and the outcome you wish to achieve. 

Our professional engineers have years of experience implementing brand-new central heating systems, domestic renewable heat incentives and boilers into various buildings.


To keep your warranty valid, it is best to ensure that it is regularly serviced by heating engineers that are qualified to complete such essential tasks. 

We can thoroughly inspect your systems or underfloor heating to examine its overall condition and see whether there are faults or issues that need to be repaired.


Often we can find that our homes and property's central heating systems and methods have aged with us and require replacements of higher efficiency. 

Southampton Oil Services has a team of professionals onboard, ready to provide the best upgrades available throughout Southampton. 

Our Services

Oil Boiler Services in Southampton and Hampshire

Oil Boiler

Southampton Oil Services is a business that offers a high-quality specialist service that encompasses annual servicing, replacement and installations of oil boilers throughout Southampton. We have worked on a vast range of local projects to rectify oil boilers and maintain them.

Air Source Heating Services in Southampton and Hampshire

Air Source Heating Services

Many residential and primarily commercial properties are switching their systems to air source heat pumps as they are considered more efficient and effective. Contact our engineers today, and we'll do our utmost to install or replace these sources with a more updated model that will be more cost-effective.

Solar Water Heating Services in Southampton and Hampshire

Solar Water Heating Services

Southampton Oil Services can install and supply a broad range of efficient solar water heating systems to those in the local area. The process involves creating hot water using the sun's rays via a roof-mounted pipe; it is regarded as a highly energy-efficient method. Give us a call today, and we'll implement this system for your property.